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Toronto Raptos se enfrentaran a los Heats de Miami.



Los Raptors de Toronto hizo historia el domingo por la noche, no sólo de avanzar a la segunda ronda, sino también ganar el primer juego de la franquicia 7, que dejó a los aficionados eufóricos.

Desde el momento en el primer silbato, una cosa era segura, Raptors estaban de vuelta a casa y los Pacers iban a escucharlo.

Jays’ ace Marcus Stroman made his way down to the ACC after getting a win for his own team.


The Raptors got off to a strong start, leading the Pacers by 14 going into the fourth quarter.

But the Pacers didn’t lay down and take it. Paul George and company brought it to within three, causing stress in the 6ix.


Thankfully, the Raptors were finally able to close out the series.

Speedster Andre De Grasse summed up what every Raps fan was feeling.

Meanwhile, Norm served Indiana a hot plate of shade.


#WeTheNorth prevailed. In more ways than one.

Do you think the Raptors can make it past the Heat in round two? Let us know in the comments and follow@CBCSports for all your NBA news, updates and video.

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