1. Please find below a response from Minister Chris Alexander concerning the misleading claims made in your recent publication regarding revocation of citizenship. We would appreciate if you could publish our response as soon as possible. Thanks

    Kevin Ménard

    “The tools for revocations of citizenship are an important safeguard to protect the integrity of Canadian citizenship. These tools are not new. Revocation for fraud and misrepresentation has existed and been used for decades. More recently, we introduced the authorization of revocation in the very rare cases where people of dual nationality may have their Canadian citizenship revoked if they are found guilty of heinous crimes against Canada such as terrorism, espionage and treason. These measures will also apply to dual nationals who take up arms against our brave Canadian Armed Forces.

    “To put it simply: dual nationals ‎can only have their citizenship revoked if they are convicted of these specific crimes by a Canadian or equivalent court. We will honour our obligation not to make any citizen stateless.

    “Canadian citizenship is uniquely valuable around the world – it’s a privilege that carries with it duties, rights, and responsibilities, and our Conservative government has strengthened the value of Canadian Citizenship. We know that vast majority of Canadians are law-abiding, peaceful individuals who contribute to their communities, but our message is clear: Canadians are proud of their values and their citizenship. We will continue to defend our institutions and our values; at home and abroad.‎ Terrorism, treason and spying have no place in Canada.

    “Our citizenship is built on loyalty, mutual accountability and sacrifice‎. It has real value, which we must all continue to protect. Those who seek to harm this country’s peace, order or national security have in effect renounced their allegiance to this country.”

    Chris Alexander

    Canada’s Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

    Kevin Menard
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